2.5" Machino Hydrant Wye Gate Valve For Fire Rescue

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Wanlida
Certification: ISO9001-2016, CCC
Model Number: FZ65
Minimum Order Quantity: Sample order allowed
Delivery Time: 5-8 Working Days
Payment Terms: T/T
Detail Information
Inlet Size: 2.5“ Outlet Size: 2.5"
Unit Weight: 2.4 KG Working Pressure: 200 PSI
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2.5" Machino Wye Gate Valve


Hydrant Wye Gate Valve


2.5" Machino Hydrant Valve

Product Description

Hydrant Valve - 2.5" Machino Female Inlet Connection Valve


Product model: FZ65, FZ80 card water Valve.
The water Valve is a kind of equipment commonly used in fire rescue work to connect the water belt with the water valve, which has the function of opening and closing, and the water valve is composed of interface, valve body, switch and fixed seat, which is used to convey the water and foam mixture of fire fighting.
Adaptable range: adapted to the fire water supply system of the internal buckle-type fire-fighting water belt interface, card-type fire-fighting water belt interface connection and water stopping.


Implementation criteria: GB12514.1-2005, GB12514.2-2006, GB12514.3-2006.


Technical parameters:
Interface type: card type, inner buckle type.
Valve type: Ball valve type.
Rules :. 65. 80.
Public Pressure (MPa): 1.6.
Test pressure (MPa): 2.5.
Weight (kg): 1.8kg.
Suitable media: water, water and foam mixtures.



1. The use of high-quality raw materials production, high-quality forging-type technology, mature and stable heat treatment process, high-precision production and processing equipment, excellent surface anti-corrosion treatment process, adapted to a variety of workplaces;
2. Door handle design, extraction and movement is very convenient, time-saving and labor-saving, switch operation is lightweight, the operating direction is in line with the force-saving mode, pull and thrust is very small, effectively reduce the operating strength of firefighters.
3. Valve body using special materials, advanced design concepts, excellent assembly process, to ensure flexible operation, reliable sealing performance, can greatly improve work efficiency.
Scope of use: adapted to the fire water supply system of the internal buckle fire water belt interface, card fire water belt interface of the waterway connection and waterway water stop;
How to use: connect the connection port of the water belt to the water stopper, confirm that the connection is reliable, and then open the water supply switch at a constant speed, confirm that there is no error, hold the water stopper valve body by hand, and then open the door handle of the stopper to open the water;
Maintenance: after use clean and cool dry, stored in a ventilated and dry room, not to contact corrosive items, regularly check the seal ring, switch on, close condition and interface connection status, found abnormal and timely replacement.

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