Summer car to prevent spontaneous combustion fire safety knowledge

2018-03-12 829

Most car owners already know the following knowledge about fire safety. In addition to common flammable and explosive materials such as alcohol and fuel, lighters, perfumes, and air fresheners that are often placed in cars are also prone to detonation hazards at high temperatures. However, according to the occurrence of auto-ignition, auto-ignition caused by the auto circuit itself accounts for a considerable proportion.

In addition to the influence of external factors such as flammable and explosive materials, we must also pay attention to the fact that old vehicles and vehicles that have undergone circuit modifications are most prone to spontaneous combustion and prevent fire safety knowledge such as car fires. The self-ignition of old vehicles is much more because the old cars are at high temperatures, and the aged insulating colloids may melt and cause electrical leakage. Therefore, short-circuit failures cause spontaneous combustion. It may also be due to the lack of aging or tightness of components, pipes, etc., and the occurrence of oil leakage. The self-ignition of modified vehicles is often due to the modification of car audio, installation of navigation devices, installation of xenon headlamps and other electrical appliances, in order to facilitate the convenience of modification personnel to blindly increase the fuse to meet the circuit requirements. The replacement of unmatched rough fuses results in no protection against circuit failures and can easily lead to auto-ignition. And because many owners are retrofitting after the arrival of a new car, they do not rule out the spontaneous combustion of new cars.

The owner also needs to understand the fire safety knowledge when the vehicle is spontaneously combusted. Before the vehicle spontaneously ignites, it is likely to have some precursors. For example, there are short circuits and leakage currents in electrical appliances and circuits. When a car owner encounters such a problem, he should not think that it is a minor problem, but should be promptly repaired and resolved. In addition, if there is a leak in the vehicle's oil circuit and a rattle in the exhaust pipe, it should be repaired as soon as possible. Like oil spills and leaks in the car's oil circuit, after summer heat exposure and high engine temperatures, it will directly become a fuse of spontaneous combustion.