Fire hose inspection rules

2018-03-12 810

1. When testing, take the same variety, the same inner diameter and a length of 1000 meters as a batch. From this, 100 meters are randomly selected for visual inspection. The most economical method to take three samples, the length of the sample should meet the requirements of paragraph 3.1.1.

2. The inner diameter of each sample shall comply with the requirements of this standard; the arithmetic average of the unit length weight and the amount of water seepage of the three samples shall comply with the requirements of this standard; one sample shall only be subjected to a state of blasting test and shall comply with This standard specifies.

3. If there is any item that does not meet the requirements of this standard during inspection, the re-inspection of the item is allowed once. When retesting, the sample is still extracted twice in the most economical way. The results of the retest of the sample shall meet the requirements of this standard; otherwise, it shall be a nonconforming product.

4. When both parties to the supply and demand dispute the quality of the firefighting product, all costs of arbitration testing shall be borne by the responsible party.