Computer fire precautions

2018-03-12 816

Computer components are highly sensitive to temperature, humidity, and chemical effects. Once a fire is lost, the computer and other ancillary equipment are expensive and can cause serious damage. Second, due to the nature of the computer, if the fire extinguishing agent is used improperly, even if the fire is extinguished, the computer and its attached equipment will be destroyed by the fire extinguishing agent and become a pile of waste. In addition, the computer controls a large system. Once the fire is lost and the command organization fails, it will affect the entire system and the loss will be even greater. Therefore, the computer's fire safety should focus on highlighting a "defense."

1, site selection, design, decoration must strictly comply with the relevant standards of fire. In addition to considering the supply of electricity and water, it is also necessary to consider the natural environment and keep away from pollution sources, combustion explosions, minefields, and other computer center designs. Generally, it should not exceed five-story buildings and disable wood and plastic products. , Second, important parts should be a fire-resistant standard.

2. Equipment installation and circuit layout must meet safety requirements and be designed and installed by technical experts and formal electricians.

3. Strict fire control systems must be in place to prevent fires from entering and to increase vigilance to prevent the destruction of bad people. In this regard, fire safety education should be given to workers first, so that they have the necessary knowledge of fire protection. In addition, when they enter the computer center, especially into the important computer room (room), they must be strictly inspected to prevent fire and all kinds of hidden fire sources from entering. It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the equipment room; large-scale computer centers must be equipped with a certain number of full-time firefighters, perform daily firefighting work under the leadership of unit fire control personnel and security departments, conduct regular safety inspections every year, discover hidden dangers, and timely rectify and reform. In addition, computer centers should be equipped with automatic alarm devices and automatic fire extinguishing devices.