• Fire emergency knowledge in life has long been known

    For example, improper use of fire in the wild can cause forest fires, which will bring destruction to the growing trees. Fire not only affects the protection of the environment, but also the harmful gases such as carbon dioxide produced by the fire will bring different levels of pollution to the atmosphere! So in life we must understand the fire emergency knowledge and take preventive measures.

    2018-03-12 826

  • Summer car to prevent spontaneous combustion fire safety knowledge

    Most car owners already know the following knowledge about fire safety. In addition to common flammable and explosive materials such as alcohol and fuel, lighters, perfumes, and air fresheners that are often placed in cars are also prone to detonation hazards at high temperatures.

    2018-03-12 829

  • Fire hose inspection rules

    1. When testing, take the same variety, the same inner diameter and a length of 1000 meters as a batch. From this, 100 meters are randomly selected for visual inspection. The most economical method to take three samples, the length of the sample should meet the requirements of paragraph 3.1.1.

    2018-03-12 810

  • Computer fire precautions

    Computer components are highly sensitive to temperature, humidity, and chemical effects. Once a fire is lost, the computer and other ancillary equipment are expensive and can cause serious damage. Second, due to the nature of the computer, if the fire extinguishing agent is used improperly, even if the fire is extinguished, the computer and its attached equipment will be destroyed by the fire extinguishing agent and become a pile of waste.

    2018-03-12 816